CIYMS V Clogher Valley – Sat 18th November

CIYMS welcomed Clogher Valley to Belmont on a bright, fresh day for what was
to be a key game for both teams.
With 1s and 2s both playing each other, and a good crowd spilling out after the pre match entertainment, it was a packed Belmont.
Opening exchanges were very aggressive and defences were tested on both sides.
CI moved the ball quickly when they had the chance and Clogher kept it close to their big pack.. with the 2 Wilson brothers and Sharkey prominent. The different styles remained a feature throughout the game.
CI dominated the territorial battle throughout the first half.
15 minutes in.. CV infringed 25m out and Matt Kilgore converted the penalty.
CI continued to press and had several chances to increase their lead but the Valley defense was resolute.
30 mins in.. a sweeping move started on the right wing by Matt Butler was finished, after numerous passes, by Josh Newell, just back from injury. Superb try.
Con.. missed
CI spent the last 5 mins on the CV line and butchered a great scoring opportunity.
HT 8..0    Not enough thought the home support.
From the K/O CI fumbled the catch, then played the ball in front of the man.CV kick to the corner.. Rolling maul.. score and converted.
CI came back again, moving the ball quickly, half breaks, off loads, looking for space.
55mins in.. CI pressed down the left. CV tackled hard but were stretched.
Off load to Callum Robert and he crashed over.
Con missed.
CI regained possession quickly and moved it around the pitch. A 3..1 overlap was wasted when another score was on.
60 mins in.. great ball carrying by the pack led to space wide on the right. Slick handling and Nathan Burns crashed over near the posts…another beautiful try. Kilgore converted.
From K/O CI fumbled … offside again. CV kick to corner, maul, try.. converted.
Once is careless etc..
20..14   The home crowd held there breath.
CV began to hold onto the ball, rolling around rucks, lifting and going. Even though they had been outplayed they were still in the game.
5m scrum..CV attack ball. No.8 Wilson was penalised for not moving the ball from the back of the scrum.  The crowd roared.. let off.
Callum  Robert ran the ball from the CI line.. stopped on half way.. recycled.. into the CV red zone.
75 mins in.. replacement 10 Paddy Beverland saw a space behind the CV defense… a deft grubber kick and Callum Robert easily won the race to the line.
Kilgore converted.
CV pressed in the final minutes but the game fizzled out.
Clogher deserve credit for their ” never say die ” attitude to the game but CI were worthy winners, scoring some memorable tries. If we can eradicate the silly mistakes..
Still.. a valuable 5 points.