Membership subscriptions are now due for this season. I’m sure everyone is aware of the impact covid has made not just from a playing point of view but off the field also.


The club is actively looking to lessen the financial impact of covid however one systemic issue is the lack of paid subscriptions. For clarity it takes roughly 2/3 paid members subscription to cover one non paying members branch requiment. This means that if one third of members do not pay their subscription the club will not receive any financial benefit as the branch will keep the outstanding amount.


The subs are:

£219 or £21.90 for 10 months for full playing members
£124 or £12.40 for 10 months for students


This entitles you to:

  • Access to prison gym
  • 10% off in bar


With the discount on beer it works out as roughly £10 a month, less if you’re able to put it away.


If you are not already a paying member please complete a Direct Debit form below and return it to Richard Barnes at ciyms.sportsandleisure@outlook.com


Application Form

Direct Debit Form


Many thanks

CIYMS RFC Committee